Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bela Eternal

One of the all time creepiest performances by Bela Lugosi. Fun film.

Mickey in Color

My favorite cartoons, will always be those made by Warner Brothers. However, there is no denying the artistic pleasures of those wonderful mid to late 30s Mickeys. THE BAND CONCERT and THROUGH THE MIRROR are just plain wonderful to watch. Those two being my favorites. Runners up would be CLOCK CLEANERS, LONESOME GHOSTS and MICKEY'S TRAILER. Here is a nifty poster that was fun to restore.

Bela is Blu

Bela. He never looked better, then in the new Blu-Ray release by Universal. The studio Magicians have down a superb job of visual and audio restoration. My highest recommendation.

To Mars and those Babes!

Gee whiz did I love this flick as a kid! Funny thing thou. Bud and Lou take a detour from Mars and end up on a very "Man-less" Venus instead! You gotta love them Venusian babes. Universal touted that the Venusian women were played by contestants in the Miss Universe competition. Anita Ekberg, the winner of the Miss Sweden competition, was among the ensemble.
Enjoy this just restored three sheet.