Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year (?)

Lovely, doomed actress Thelma Todd greets the New Year of 1932. The Nation was slowly crawling out of a horrible depression......Just like we will soon be doing! Onto 2009.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny!

I have seen exactly 2 min. of this film via a trailer. Makes PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE look like a masterpiece. Interesting poster with a simple layout that no doubt would lure the kiddies into the theatre. Notice the matinees only sub-title. This gem was released in 1972!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry X-mas From Boris Claus!

Hi All,
I hope that the New Year brings a lot better tidings then this year. Here is a rare X-mas Image of none other then Boris Karloff delivering gifts to some (Most likely) frightened Kids!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Film by any other Name............

It has always fascinated me that a film made here would often have it's title changed overseas and vice versa. Here is a prime example. Originally made and released in Britain as LOVE FROM A STRANGER (1937), by the time it reached our shores, it was now known as A NIGHT OF TERROR. A very nice Agatha Christie mystery, this little gem is seldom seen.
Let's face it, If we walked by a theatre marquee and saw the British title we might have continued walking. But, if we saw A NIGHT OF TERROR.....Wow! Here is the simple yet effective one sheet.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Universal Back Lot circa 1935

Here is an aerial view of the back lot at Universal Studios. The area seen here is the Town Square from THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN! This still came from the personal collection of Boris Karloff himself.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Cautionary Tale, or Hilarious Oddity?

Originally titled TELL YOUR CHILDREN! (1936). It is now best known as REEFER MADNESS. The over the top performances make this a must see. The man who steals the film is Dave O'Brien. His manic puffing on the "Devil's Weed" as his personality changes from rather mild to a Mr. Hyde must be seen to be believed! Here is the cool poster from one of the film's many re-releases.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not Just Remembering a Poster

During our Annual W.W. 2 night at our Laurel & Hardy Club, I asked if their were any W.W. 2 survivors in the audience. Two aged hands were raised proudly into the air. I salute these men and all men and women that served during this planet altering event.
The movie making machine went into full tilt production after that fateful day. This Republic Studio release was one of the first to hit the theatre screens.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Uncle Forry taken by Prince Sirki

One of the disadvantages of growing older (there are many) is hearing that someone that meant a lot to your childhood has passed.
Forrest J. Ackerman, founder, writer, publisher and all around Nice Sci Fi Guy left this world today.
My appreciation for classic films sprang forth from the pages of his baby Famous Monsters of Filmland.
I met Uncle Forry several times, but my favorite visit was 10 years ago when my fellow film fan friend Raven White asked me to project films for a presentation in smell-a. (Los Angeles). After the screening of some sci fi and horror forgettables, we headed out to a local restaurant. Favorite guest Uncle Forry joined us. At our prodding, Forry regaled us with one amazing story after another. Stories that included Bela Lugosi's less then supportive wife. Al Jolson calling Forry "Sonny Boy" as he sang him that song! His amazement at seeing Frankenstein (1931), King Kong (1933) and his beloved Metropolis (1927) First Run!!! etc. etc.
I drove Forry home at nights end. I explained to him a memory that was very personal to me. I told him how at the ripe old age of 12, I was devastated to hear that Boris Karloff had passed. I cried and my parents were clueless as to why. Forry explained to me that indeed when Boris Karloff passed, he received letter after letter from distraught young fans who had never dealt with death before. He took the time to write every one of them back and could not have been more supportive.
At 51, death has become somewhat routine to me now. With the passing of my Mom and Dad, I realize how the last thing we truly have left to savor are our memories. I remember that trip to the original Ackermansion (in Beverly Hills Karloffornia of course), and how I asked question after question to a patient Forry of his memories of my favorite actors. I remember seeing amazing props from several of my favorite fantasy films. I also spotted a sense of pride in Forry when I correctly identified each and every piece of memorabilia, naming each film that they were featured in that he had on display. He had the look of a proud parent who had raised that kid right!
Yes, you did raise this kid right, Uncle Forry.
Do me a BIG favor thou won't you? Say hi to Bela, Vincent, Lon and especially Boris for me will you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I really like this poster art for some odd reason.........

Exploitation at it's best. I do not know how this movie passed by my eyeballs while growing up. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Charley Chased

No doubt about it, Charley Chase is an acquired taste for some. Speaking for myself, I have always liked his un-bounded optimism of a comedy creation. Very entertaining song and dance numbers would sneak into his films at un-expected moments and if you need any other reason to check these shorts out, the fact that his frequent co-star (and real life lover) Thelma Todd would appear occasionally is enough for me!
Here is a prime example of a very rare one-sheet to the Hal Roach Comedy short. I love the art deco look! The young lady so taken by Mr. Chase that she literally melts into the ice!

The Three StOOges In French

Here is a very cool French Window Card. From the mid 50s with Larry, Shemp & Moe. The artist really captured their likenesses.
Btw, the French translation reads: Columbia Pictures Presents, Extra Bonus Short, The Kings of Slapstick, The 3 Stooges in.... Which of course left room for the theater to put whatever title they wanted in that white space. Thanks to Lisa Benson for translation help!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Creature in REAL Color!

This is one of several photos that recently surfaced. The source was LIFE magazine. They did a photo spread on the first Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) film. As great as the photos were, none (I have been told) appeared in color in the magazine. This came from a slightly faded (Eastman Color) negative. I color corrected it to the best of my abilities. And the Creature's victim, sexy as heck Julie Adams still gets my blood boiling. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bob Hope.....Movie Star!

Known mostly for entertaining our Armed Forces, Bob Hope had an amazing career in Motion Pictures. Here is a one sheet to the GHOST BREAKERS (1940) the smash hit which co-starred the gorgeous Paulette Goddard. Paulette was also his co-star in their earlier classic, CAT AND THE CANARY (1939). Hey Universal, would make a great double bill DVD!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wasted Poster?

No film starring Etchika Choureau can be all bad!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I had to do it again!

I had such a great response to the last SPOOK SHOW poster I restored, I did it again! This one is just as colorful as the last. Sure wish they had these again to wow a whole new generation of the young and young at heart. Sure would have liked meeting DR. RETSEL! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad Move Buster!

Buster Keaton joined M.G.M. and gave up creative control of his films and ultimately, his career! This is actually not a bad little film. This 1930 film is remembered more as the first film that finally allowed the viewing public to hear his voice, this behind the hollywood scenes comedy is an "interesting" viewing experience.

Note how this window card touts the soon to be dead Vaudeville. Replaced by the very types of films that this poster advertises!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween All!

Took me a heck of a long time to do restoration on this little Gem. My Treat to you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

.....................BOO 4 You!

Here is the one sheet to my All Time Favorite Horror Film! I will never forget the first time I saw this great Hammer Classic. It was in a drive-in. Most likely one of the numeroues re-issues. In the front seat, me chewing on popcorn, soda and candy. My eyes glued straight ahead in horrorific excitement. In the backseat, the cooing of my sister with her latest boyfriend.
Christopher Lee is second only to good ol Bela in the King of the Undead department.

Monday, October 27, 2008

.......BOO Three!

WOW! Finding a Lobby Card to a Bela I have never even heard of before! Come on Columbia, release this one on DVD!

.............BOO Too!

Look at this Fantastic Lobby Title Card from the first of the Universal Dracula Sequels! Made in 1936, this is as good a looking Movie Collectable as they Come!
Now if we could just figure out what that "Weird" feeling is all about!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laurel & Hardy Reminder

"Ahhhhhhhhh, November. A time for turkey, stuffing and other Sappy stuff, guaranteed to make you laugh! Yep, a feature and a short that highlight the weird and wonderously wacky endings that came from the mind of Stanley and the other Hal Roach comedy writers! We will see the delightful (and seldom seen) feature film, BOHEMIAN GIRL (1936). A band of Gypsies are camped outside the walls of Count Arnheim's palace. Oliver's wife (Mae Busch) kidnaps the Count's daughter Arline, then leaves the child and runs off with her lover, Devilshoof. Not knowing her true identity, Oliver, with the help of "Uncle" Stanley, raises the girl as his own! Many misadventures and a hilarious ending await. Oh yeah, James Finlayson is thrown into the fun as well!
Our short film features Stan and Babe as chimney sweeps that are hired by a wacky scientist! The ending of this one will make you go "ape" as we present DIRTY WORK (1933). Our guest comedian(s) is a twosome of frentic fun Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis! A Sappy first. This is a speically edited version of the Colgate Comedy Hour. Except this will be around 20 minutes! A hilarious skit and a wacky improv of M&L doing their Nightclub Act! you will not want to miss this. And, if that were not enough, a fun-tastic Tom & Jerry cartoon in brilliant Technicolor will be seen! We will all have a happy ending if you join us on Nov. 8th!"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Collectable and Eternally Fun to Watch!

If Edward Wood Jr. only knew! Imagine if Ed had lived just a few years longer. He would have seen his films become cult classics! With the publication of the book, THE 50 WORST FILMS OF ALL TIME, Cinema Oddities once ignored, or discussed with disdain were suddenly hot properties! And even thou the writers missed the mark on close to a third of the films listed in their tome, it brought Ed Wood to the attention of legions of film fan's eyes.

Believe it or not kiddies, if you happen to have a one sheet (pictured here) of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1959), you would be $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 richer! Yep, the poster relegated to the bargain bin at most poster shops in Hollywood was by 1978, paper gold!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bela + Color = Halloween!

Hope you all have a great Halloween. I highly suggest you go trick or treating with your kids this year. Put on a mask and grab a pillowcase. We could all use some free candy! Heck, the way the world is going, maybe candy will be the only meal we will have for a while.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bela Armand Tesla

In 1918, an English family are terrorized by a Vampire, until they learn how to deal with it. They think their troubles are over, but German bombs in WWII free the monster. He reclaims the soul of his wolfman ex-servant, and assuming the identity of a scientist who has just escaped from a concentration camp, he starts out on a plan to get revenge upon the family. Cool flick with Bela at his best! Do not miss RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE (1944).

Look at this amazing 6 sheet! It is interesting that this particuler poster concentrates on the Wolfman! Most other paper on this title, focus on Bela the Vampire.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bride of Frankenstein RARE Photos!

These amazing photos have recently surfaced! In the first, you can really see the amazing detail of the Monster's Make-Up by the Master, Jack Pierce! There always seems to be time to take a cigarette or tea break between scenes as shown in the photo bottom left with Colin Clive and the King of Horror, Boris Karloff.

Here is one of your early Halloween Treats. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Monster speaks! But not with Bela's voice!

The year was 1943. Bela Lugosi was in the middle of a series of low budget nightmares produced by Monogram Studios. As always, Bela gave each movie role he was in 110% of his acting ability. Abilities that the low budget studios certainly did not deserve. Over at Universal there was a new Monster Movie resurgence. The public tired of the real scares of world war 2, wanted some make believe frights. Bela returned to Universal to portray a movie monster that he originally turned down. That monster was of course Frankenstein's monster. He played Igor in both SON OF FRANKENSTEIN and GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN. At the end of Ghost, Igor's brain was placed in the Monster's body! So it would follow that the monster would now speak in Igor's voice. And at the end of Ghost, he did! But, because the Evil Doctor did not match up blood types, the Igor-enstein was blind! We last saw the monster stumbling about a fire engulfed house and perishing in the flames. Flash ahead to FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN. Lon Chaney as the moon cursed Wolf Man is looking for a cure. He travels to Bavaria and seeks the information inside the book written by Dr. Frankenstein, The Secrets of Life and Death. He comes across the burn scarred Monster while in the middle of his search. Although still blind, the monster also cannot speak. Reason? Because the execs at Univ. thought the monster looked too silly to have the voice of Bela coming from it! So, in the film you will see Bela's lips moving very slightly and no sound coming out. WHAT A TRAVISTY! The reason this makes no sense for Univ. to have done this tampering, is that Bela's voice coming from the Monster in Ghost was creepy and amusing at the same time. A great dis-service to cinema and monster history. Here is a great still from this very under-rated film in the Frankenstein series.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here is a very interesting Window Card from a long lost movie. Advertised as a non-theatrical and more interestingly, 16mm presentation! Would love to see it. But, at least we have the movie paper on this rarity.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Joy of Joi

Joi Lansing. The first time I got my eyeball prints on this ravishing lovely, was in the 100th episode of the Adventures of Superman. In "Superman's Wife", she played Sgt. O'Hara. Working undercover, she pretended to marry the Man of Steel (George Reeves) in order to help unmask the Numero Uno Kingpin of Crime in Metropolis, Mr. X.

Thanks to the miracle of DVD, Joi can be en-joied in several film and t.v. roles. What other possible reason would I own a DVD of "Hillbillys in a Haunted House'?! When you have the chance, go to you tube and type in Caught in the Web of Love or the Silencers to see Joi at her sexiest!

On a sad note, Joi was known for her bountiful breasts. She died of breast cancer at the age of 43.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Should never have played Dracula

Hi Kiddies. Another in a long line of Celebrity meeting stories for you. Many years ago, when I was the friend and convention planner for Robert "Pop" Shayne, He mentioned that his friend and fellow actor Francis Lederer was teaching dancing-acting at a local Jr. Theatre. That actor's name conjured up one of my favorite monsters, Count Dracula! Mr. Lederer played the Count in THE RETURN OF DRACULA (1958). He reprised that role in the terrific Night Gallery episode, THE DEVIL IS NOT MOCKED (1971). I asked pop if he could arrange a meeting. He of course was glad to oblige. It was during the summer of 1990. I was in North Hollywood and stopped in at Mr. Lederer's studio. He sat in a director's chair and was instructing several young girls dressed in ballerina outfits. They took a break and I introduced myself. As the girls milled about, Mr. Lederer showed great interest in the rolled poster tucked under my arm. I unfurled it, and when he saw it was the one sheet to RETURN OF DRAC. he immediately uttered, "Oh God! That one!". He quickly signed it and asked me to roll it back up before the kids could view it. I then had him sign a copy of the re-pro painting to the Night Gallery episode he was in. I complimented him on his various roles and he smiled broadly as the break was ending. We shook hands and I headed for my car. I excitedly drove off, knowing that the man who was in one of my favorite films and one of my favorite t.v. episodes as well had left his mark on my movie/t.v. paper. I did not see what he wrote on the one sheet, until arriving back home. There at the bottom of my valued poster is written: "Dear John, Should NEVER have played Dracula. Francis Lederer". I have always appreciated that movie, and now enjoy it more with every viewing. For there on that screen is an eerie, spooky, magnetic performance by an actor who thought it was below his talents.... I guess. I never had a chance to ask him what he meant by that writing. Mr. Lederer passed away in 2000 at the age of 100! And what exactly does that picture of Lon Chaney Jr. as Dracula about to pounce on lovely Louise Allbritton have to do with this movie star meeting memory? In the words of Mr. Lederer.......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tom & Jerry vs.Cinemascope

When the studios of M.G.M. and Hannah Barbera were faced with that dreaded t.v. in the 50's, The decision to make cartoons in the new Cinemascope process, caused the publicity department to dream up this great Tom & Jerry one sheet. Un-like most of the cartoon one sheets put out by the M.G.M. art department, this poster has characters that really look like themselves! You should see what passed for acceptable on some of these.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Claudette

Another of my secret cinema crushes is the angelic Claudette Colbert. When flipping thru channels many moons ago, I came across this little vixen taking a bath in a scene from the C.B. DeMille classic, Sign of the Cross (1932). I wondered who she was and if I could offer her a towel. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aquanetta = Sexy as Heck

The captive in the Ape's arms is the amazing Aquanetta. Gorgeous Universal star who went onto many other films of no great consequence.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bride of the Atom?

Ed D. Wood Jr.. Bottom line. Here was a man that loved the movies. And un-like so many others, actually "Made" movies. Good or bad, they sure are "entertaining". Bride of the Monster is presented on a dvd that looks so sharp, that all of it's glorious cheapness shines like a cinematic beacon of the bizarre. Bela Lugosi as usual, gives a 110% in his portrayal of the Evil Scientist Dr. Eric Vornoff. Here is that wonderful poster, restored and open for your perusal.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Poster....

....Makes me want to see this film!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

That Great Comedy Team of Halvan and Helan!

A Really cool Swedish one sheet to the Foreign release of the 1931 Laurel & Hardy film BE BIG. It is pretty accurate, except I don't remember any doggie as part of this short.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spooky Bela

Here is a rare publicity pic of Bela from the M.G.M. Horror Great, MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935). I added a little color so that you could copy and use it as a really spooky wallpaper.

Friday, June 20, 2008

the BLOB is coming!....

... and It started Steve McQueens career!
"Beware of the Blob! It creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides across the floor".... Juat some of the great words from the Blob main theme. 1958 was a great year to take your best gal and have her cringe in make-believe fear in your manly arms as the Blob devoured one hapless victim after another on the big screen. And there was Steve McQueen in all his stoic glory remaining calm as another of those hollywood teens (That were obviously in their early 30s) gathered together the townfolk to vanquish this outer space beasty. Check out the Criterian DVD of this terrific funfest.

Oh My!

And why can't a "Gay" couple be allowed to Marry? Let them be as Miserable as "Straight" couples! Congrats to Mr. Takai and his Partner.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Harold Lloyd Un-sung Comedy Giant

Here is a unique foriegn poster to one of Harold Lloyd's early talkies. Pick up the DVD box set if you can. You will be pleasantly surprised how refreshing and entertaining these comedy gems are.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No one has seen it

Just one of the many films made exclusively for Black Audiences during the 40s. Featuring the always hilarious comedians of the day. See the later CHARLIE CHAN films and watch Mantan steal every scene he is in. Will these films ever surface on DVD? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Betty Boop Post-code...........

There was a time when Betty Boop could show more skin. Where she could appear "Naked" and did. Guess which cartoon that scene was in! By 1935 the Hays Code was in effect. Will Hays, the Postmaster General was drafted by Hollywood to come up with a Ratings System of sorts. No more Gratuitous Nudity, Violence etc. This even effected Betty. Now she wore less revealing dresses and wasn't as (presumed) Slutty. And yes, most of her cartoons became BORING. They still retained the great Max & Dave Fleischer animation, but Betty's Bad Girl Heart was squashed. You need look no further for visual evidence then this 1935 poster.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

To All of Our Veterans, Thank You

Maybe movie posters like this help remind us all of a time that now seems unimaginable. To the Men & Women of the Armed Forces, we owe you all so much more then thanks.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Great Bogie Image!

Look at this Dynamic Three Sheet! They do not make them like this any more! From 1952.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Made in 1943, they had no idea how really Mad he was

I know nothing more about this film then the title. But with John Carradine (Father of Kung Fu star David) as the Head Nutzy Nazi, this poster sure makes it look entertaining.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Favorite Guilty Pleasure

1972. Everyone in Junior High (mostly the boys) were talking about this movie playing at the local Del Mar Drive In.I of course was much to young to be admitted to see such a "Trashy" film. However, (believe it or not) up on the hill looking down upon the drive in was a Church Parking lot. From this parking lot, you could see the large screen perfectly!. Myself and a small group of high testosterone driven boys, walked from home to this parking lot of viewing pleasure. When the film un-spooled, our eyes widened to the glorious displays of womanhood on the screen. Although we could hardly hear the sound, we didn't need it. The fact that we all knew that we liked what we saw, but were in our mid-teens with not a clue what to do if faced with a naked Cheerleader, made it that much more memorable. So here is the poster to the film that forever made me a follower of the fine art of Cheerleading!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hail Harpo

The Marx Brothers only made 15 films as a team! And here is one of that Fabulous Threesome (Sorry Zeppo). His pantomime skills were beyond compare. And of course with a face that expressive, how could they not be!? What a great publicity still. Enjoy!