Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laurel & Hardy Reminder

"Ahhhhhhhhh, November. A time for turkey, stuffing and other Sappy stuff, guaranteed to make you laugh! Yep, a feature and a short that highlight the weird and wonderously wacky endings that came from the mind of Stanley and the other Hal Roach comedy writers! We will see the delightful (and seldom seen) feature film, BOHEMIAN GIRL (1936). A band of Gypsies are camped outside the walls of Count Arnheim's palace. Oliver's wife (Mae Busch) kidnaps the Count's daughter Arline, then leaves the child and runs off with her lover, Devilshoof. Not knowing her true identity, Oliver, with the help of "Uncle" Stanley, raises the girl as his own! Many misadventures and a hilarious ending await. Oh yeah, James Finlayson is thrown into the fun as well!
Our short film features Stan and Babe as chimney sweeps that are hired by a wacky scientist! The ending of this one will make you go "ape" as we present DIRTY WORK (1933). Our guest comedian(s) is a twosome of frentic fun Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis! A Sappy first. This is a speically edited version of the Colgate Comedy Hour. Except this will be around 20 minutes! A hilarious skit and a wacky improv of M&L doing their Nightclub Act! you will not want to miss this. And, if that were not enough, a fun-tastic Tom & Jerry cartoon in brilliant Technicolor will be seen! We will all have a happy ending if you join us on Nov. 8th!"

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