Friday, May 9, 2008

A Favorite Guilty Pleasure

1972. Everyone in Junior High (mostly the boys) were talking about this movie playing at the local Del Mar Drive In.I of course was much to young to be admitted to see such a "Trashy" film. However, (believe it or not) up on the hill looking down upon the drive in was a Church Parking lot. From this parking lot, you could see the large screen perfectly!. Myself and a small group of high testosterone driven boys, walked from home to this parking lot of viewing pleasure. When the film un-spooled, our eyes widened to the glorious displays of womanhood on the screen. Although we could hardly hear the sound, we didn't need it. The fact that we all knew that we liked what we saw, but were in our mid-teens with not a clue what to do if faced with a naked Cheerleader, made it that much more memorable. So here is the poster to the film that forever made me a follower of the fine art of Cheerleading!

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Ken Mitchroney said...

And that's how it starts. And all this time i thought it was Thema Todd movies.