Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Munchkins Wish Upon a Hollywood Star!

Sometimes in the midst of giving a Star on the Walk of Fame to a Tom Cruise or another worthy (?!) recipient, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce get it right!

Who better to get their Star then members of a cast that were in one of the most ageless films of all time. Who within eyeshot of this Blog have not seen at least a small part of THE WIZARD OF OZ? Congrats Munchkins and especially Jerry Maren who was one of the Molemen in one of my Fav Films, SUPERMAN AND THE MOLEMEN.
Munchkins from 'The Wizard of Oz' celebrate receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, site of the film's 1939 premiere, in Los Angeles Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2007. The Munchkins from left: Mickey Carroll, the Town Crier; Jerry Maren, part of the Lollipop Guild; stepping on the star, Ruth Duccini, a Munchkin villager; Margaret Pelligrini, the 'sleepyhead' Munchkin and Meinhardt Raabe, the coroner.


Ken Mitchroney said...

Do you still have that cool poster from "Superman and the mole men"? I think Jerry is on it right?

John Field said...

Nope. That banner went to Metropolis Ill. I was offered an amount I could not refuse.

Ken Mitchroney said...

Damn! that was a great looking banner. Did you at least get a pix of it?

Jeff Adcock said...

Yes, I believe it's Jerry on the right. This a priceless image. The amazing thing is how many of the little people outlived the other cast members. I mean is anyone else who was in a 1939 film still alive? Thanks for sharing, Johnny!