Saturday, December 1, 2007

50 Years on this 3rd Rock From The Sun!

Hi Kids. It will Happen at precisely 2:20 am on Sunday Morning. I will turn......50. My Mad Moments of Youth are but a Memory.
So I have No choice but to Make, NEW AND IMPROVED, Mad Moments of Youth! At least as Youthful Mad Moments as my aged Memory and Body will allow me. Every time I even consider jumping on the "Gee, I'm Old" Pity Pot,I remember a dear friend who even at 90, looked upon each day with renewed vim and vigor. My very much missed pal/pop, Bob Shayne.
I feel exactly the same about The Ever Sweet Noel Neill (Of course she is ever sweet. She has a secret Chocolate Stash!). Who continues to be an inspiration with her wonderful sense of humor, elegant style and most of all huggable genuineness (Is that a word?). Anywho, to my fellow friends of the Geritol Set, Onward and Upward .

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