Thursday, March 19, 2009

Unexpected Gem!

I had purchased this little low budget film on DVD a few years+ back. What a delight! Good pacing, brisk direction and best of all terrific acting. John Carradine has just the right touch as the very sympathetic artist who hides a dark secret. His secret is an uncontrollable lust for strangulation. One of his almost victims is Jean Parker. The cutie that stole Oliver Hardy's heart as the innkeepers daughter in the comedy delight Flying Deuces (1939). Ollie was so won over by her whim some wiles, he tried to commit suicide and take Stanley with him! Miss Parker (who passed away in 2005 at the ripe old age of 90) is the unfortunate victim you see on this poster.
Miss Parker had a varied and exciting career in films and on the stage. She was once quoted as saying:
"Acting is truly a glorious and noble profession. When anyone can give other people a few hours of escape or enchantment away from the ills of the world and their own personal lives, that's a very worthwhile occupation."
Bluebeard (1944) which was directed by Edger G. Ulmer offers at least 72 min. of escape and is recommended.

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Operator_99 said...

Agreed - an underrated Ulmer film.