Thursday, August 13, 2009

War of the Worlds......Fix it!

One of the most annoying problems with our mutual enjoyment of "Older" films, are the Special Effects. The effects in this, the original W.O.T.W. are for the most part, flawless. But, the DVD transfers of this film to date enhance in a negative way, certain effects. Most noticeably, the very obvious wire work on the Spaceships. In the lighter scenes, they stick out like a sore thumb. Please Paramount, pay some talented little Computer Pro to go in and digitally remove the wires! And release this gem again. That way I do not have to listen to my Nephew say: "Unk John, I can see the Wires!". Enjoy this restored Banner from this George Pal Masterpiece.


Ken Mitchroney said...

Wow! Wow! WoW! you have been holding out on me sir. Nice catch.

Anonymous said...

Nice banner.
They have the models of the ship and the martins now.
Check: ehobbies com.
Vince 12-2011