Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forbidden, but never Forgotten!

After a few hours of restoration, here is the Amazing 40X60 Poster to my favorite Sci-Fi Flick, Forbidden Planet (1956). Featuring the most iconic of all Male Robots, Robby. How I wish that M.G.M. had filmed this movie in Technicolor.

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Anonymous said...

HI, My absolute favorite movie.

Anne died in Jan 2011.

TCM's Host Robert Osbourne always had nice things to say about her but no tribute was ever given.
I called to complain and got no answer.
I saw Robby in person at a Nevada convention.
I was mezmorized.
His owner made him move and talk the lines from the movie in full stereo.
I could not sleep after seeing him and wished for another movie.
I finished my own sequal in 2005.
I love this film.
First for the awe the the brilliant script.
The more I listened the more I learned about all the cleaver and hidden meanings.
Thanks for your great site. Vince