Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Reel Treat!

What a delightful surprise! I have not seen this film for over 25 years. I remember it screened on some L.A. channel. It was a faded color print full of the usual commercial breaks etc. Now, Warner Archive has released an almost pristine version. Bright, crisp color and clear sound. Charles Laughton is a Hoot and really camps it up. Most of the songs are o.k. except something about a pine tree, that makes you want to fast forward quickly. Tried and true routines and the forever lovely Hillary Brooke. Here is the restored one sheet for all to enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Fully agree, John. Haven't seen this since the 1970's and very much enjoyed seeing it again from Warner Archive. Always nice to see A&C in color, too! Rick Greene