Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Very Bad Decision

My pal Robert Shayne told me that when he was being groomed at Warner Brothers for bigger stardom, he decided to go independent. He then said quite seriously: "Actors rarely make good decisions for themselves after a taste of success". Bob started work on this little "Gem", and immediately knew he was in for quite an experience. First off, he made what he thought was a private comment to another actor concerning co-star John Carradine and how funny it was that here is Carradine practicing Shakespeare between takes, while acting in this grade Z picture. Mr. Carradine, heard this comment, and their working relationship was not the same from that point on. Bob also recounted  being at the premiere of F.O.M., and a very sweet old woman walked up to him after the film, and said: "Mr. Shayne, I have seen all of your movies. After seeing this one, you should be ashamed of yourself"!. Here the restored one sheet.

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