Monday, June 17, 2013


I have received so much Spam, that I just cannot continue this site. Please drop by Face Book and check out MONSTER MOVIE MEMORIES, THE GEORGE REEVES APPRECIATION SOCIETY, WHERE CLASSIC FILMS ARE KING, SILENTS ARE GOLDEN and TRAGIC STORIES OF HOLLYWOOD.
Thank you all for your kind words, and I hope you liked my posts. Ont
to my C-57D. I'm outta here.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go. :(
I do not go o face book I am sorry to say its too much for me.
I am sure if we were closer we would certainly be friends.
In 2005 I wrote a sequal to Forbidden Planet, I sent a synopsis to Anne Francis and she liked it. Told me to contact her agent.
I tried to get some producers involved and by the time they jerked me around I decided to buy the rights.
By then after I sturred up the old dust of another FP film the rights were just pruchased and held for 18 months, I tried again and it was "In development" and not to be sold.
By that time the Lovely Anne Francis was ill.
She and I communicated for a while.
I was so grateful for her time.
I am sorry to say that my Brilliant story will never be seen.
I did send one copy of the script to Fred-The-Robotman who I had met when he displayed Robby The Robot at a Las Vegas convention. This sighting inspired me to write a sequal. Because seeing Robby in Person was Awesome. I could not sleep right for 5 days, my head was spinning with stories of FP.
He makes Robby's for sale. He never responded to my script.
Best wishes on the C-57-D flight out of here.
By the way the re-issue of the
C-57-D Model is Great, by Polar Lights.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your posts very much, sir, and am sad to see you go. Best wishes!