Sunday, February 10, 2008

Boris! Bela! and special guest Basil!

Simply magnificient Title Card to the original 1939 release of this great movie. Boris would portray the Monster here for the last time in a theatrical film. Bela was introduced as the "Creepy" Igor. In my opinion, his best creation next to Dracula.


Jeff Adcock said...

Beautiful card! My favorite story from the set of this classic illustrates that Boris and Bela did enjoy working together. In the scene where Ygor reveals to Dr. Frankenstein that the monster "does things for me", they kept cracking each other up, trying to get a take. Oh, to have been a fly on the soundstage walls back then.

Ken Mitchroney said...

I sure Agree on your Bela comment. He is awesome in that roll. " MAke him better, Frank-in-stine!