Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cagney in a Breezy Dramedy!

If you have not had the chance to see many (or any) of the great pre-code Cagney's, do so. They are among the easiest to watch with modern eyes. In BLONDE CRAZY (1931), Cagney easily discovers the inner motivation of the character he is given, and makes that character immediately likeable. His interaction in this film with the cute as heck Joan Blondell is clever and amusing. It would be great if a new generation were to discover this fine all around great perfomer.


Jeff Adcock said...

Johnny, thanks for inviting Jimmy to the Forbidden Planet and reminding me it's time to see the early Warners sound films again! To me, Cagney was easily the most lovable and entertaining screen performer of the 30s. Who since the thirties had such a memorable, mischievous mug?

Ken Mitchroney said...

Nice John, You hit me where i live with this one. You know what a old Warners geek i am. THANKS!!!!