Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ho! Ho! Huh?

1959 was a good year.....but NOT for movies titled Santa Claus! This K. Gordon Murray mess was un-leashed on the world as a Happy Kiddie Film. In truth, it was bought cheap from it's Mexican Film Maker and dubbed into english that features a battle of wits between Santa and a minion of Satan! Enjoy the re-stored poster.


Oscar Devonian said...

Frankly I found the entire poster a little unnerving; dead-eyed reindeer up top, followed by Santa gaping in horror at some candycane prison then contemplating a nuclear turkey with the inmates... but that very last image is pure what the hell.

It's like some visual punchline left there by the designer.

cliffclaven said...

Mystery Science Theater has this one on DVD. The film itself is amazingly strange, and the riffs are worthy.