Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Review of Cyclops (DVD, Remastered)

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Lovely Susan Winter organizes an expedition deep into the wilds of Mexico. She hopes to find her aviator fiancé, lost after his plane crashed. Instead she and her three male companions find behemoth bugs, giant battling lizards, mountains practically glowing with uranium, and a 25-foot-tall human b...

Classic from the Sci Fi 50s

By Film Fan Guy from San Diego Ca. on 1/2/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Original Idea

Describe Yourself: Movie Buff

Growing up as a kid in the late 60s, Seeing this film today is like visiting with old friends. Lon Chaney (Best known as the Wolfman) chews up the scenery as an annoying character out for himself in his quest for Uranium. Famed voice expert, Paul Frees provides several different voices both human and for several creatures including the creepy growls of our main titled character. Good special effects for it's time and for modern times as well. A lot of fun crammed into 66 min. The transfer is near flawless and has great theatrical contrast. Recommended.



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