Friday, January 14, 2011

Monster Lovers Dream Movie

To be a 12 year old in 1969. I opened the newspaper and saw an ad for a film that was showing at the local Del Mar Drive In. (The Drive In is now apartments and Restaurants.) My heart raced when I saw the latest Godzilla movie not only had the Big G, but all of the Toho Cannon of Monsters! D.A.M was another in a long line of American International dubbed releases to hit town. You had not only superb dubbing, but could hear Barney Millers own Hal Linden is the voice of the film's hero! Un-fortunately, the original American International dub is NOT on dvd. That version is highly sought after by Godzilla fans. Here is the restored half sheet. Notice that there doesn't seem to be a representative illustration of Godzilla anywhere on the poster!

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Anonymous said...

Godzilla made a big come back in Godzilla 2000 (Toho). But the following 3 movies never made it into theathers widely and were very good. G vs Megaguirus was the absolute best.
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