Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Godzilla King of My Memories

Here is a terrific half sheet (22X28) to my favorite BIG Monster on the loose film. Raymond Burr, was added to the American release, to give it Box Office appeal. Enjoy this just restored poster.


Unknown said...

Great work (as always!), John! You've really been on a roll lately, with the great restoration postings of Creech, Kharis, Dwight Frye, Ray's Beastie and now, Big G!

John Field said...

Thanks! It's great knowing someone out there is Looking.

Anonymous said...

I am looking too.
Visit when ever I find the link,
We have ALOT in common.
PS I was a kid when this fim made its NYC debut on WOR Tv channel 9 on my small BW TV screen.
22 Miles away from the Empire State Bld's antenna.
I still collect the figures.
We need a museum.