Monday, August 8, 2011

Hand it to the Mummy

Mummy's Hand '40 is the first sequel to the original MUMMY '32 starring Boris Karloff. This time, with Tom (Captain Marvel) Tyler as Kharis. The lovely co-star and required female victim was lovely Peggy Moran. I had the honor of editing and presenting a video of her career, for her 80th Birthday. Enjoy this restored title card.

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Anonymous said...

Edwardo Cianelli was my Grand Fathers best friend when they lived in Italy. Ischia the Island bigger than Capri.
They would swim together and dive off he rocks.
Grand Father was asked to go to Hollywood but he stayed in NYC as a Butcher. He was Mom's Dad and I have pictures of us together.
Edwardo was Sophia Loren's Movie Father in House Boat w Cary Grant where those two had there big romance that drove Carlo Ponti to finally ask her to marry him.
As if she wasnt enough, crazy guy.