Friday, October 5, 2007

Because, If you haven't seen it before, It's New!

I was prompted by my friend Ken (Artist Supreme) Mitchroney to create a blog. My purpose in doing so, is to vent (I love venting) but mostly share my love of Old Movies and T.V. series. I admit that I'm a DvD addict. I collect anything entertainment-wise from my childhood, because what passes for entertainment today makes me long for the past. So drop by, read short DvD reviews, see classic posters and stills acquired from many sources, and enjoy a time that will all too soon disappear from the landscape of our minds.


hallshaven said...

Hi John,

This is incredible and I am so proud of you, and Kenny for prodding you to create this - Yeah!

I'm going to pass it on and I hope you have lots of fun with it - and maybe business as well.

As Always,

P.S. I no longer have a good phone # for you

Danakin said...

Hey SuperJohn,

Good luck in your new venture! I've bookmarked you so I can keep tabs on you.



Ken Mitchroney said...

I can't wait for everyone to see all that moldy old crap i've been sleeping on and around for years. Go to it, John-boy !

Boo Boo said...

Dear Johnny,
Another creative sucess story!
You truly amaze me, yes your sister!

I"m proud of all that you have done w/your life, except a few women(LOSERS)
But you can still try & get it right!
Just make sure their baggage is not that heavy!
Love you,
Boo Boo