Monday, October 22, 2007

Fires in Good Ol San Diego............

Yes, it is happening again. Four short years ago, it seemed like the entire state of california was ablaze. Now for those who just cannot get enough soot on their car, in their house and best of all in their eyes...IT'S BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I sit here with all of the windows shut and my miraculous Oreck Air Cleaner cranking away. I have no interest in the Oreck company other then to post that I'm a happy owner. Me and Bela are smoke smelling free!
The fires got me to thinking. If I really knew that the end of my home was upon me, what music would I like playing as the last ember finally burned out? And kiddies, this is it!


Ken Mitchroney said...

We are all fine, just as long as you are not crispy on both sides.

Danakin said...

I can't beleive how Shatner butchered LSD. Gag me...ur, HIM!