Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bela and Me

Few things in the World warms the cockles of a film collector's heart then finding what he/she considers a Holy Grail of 16mm Film Collectables. I found and won a mint, 16mm print of a t.v. show called YOU ASKED FOR IT. This one happens to have a segment with my second favorite horror icon, Bela Lugosi! Nearing the Sunset of his life, Bela made this rare t.v. appearence. He looks great and even performs a magic act. The same one he performed in a Las Vegas act. He talks about projects that were not to be. This show has never been avaialble in it's entirety. Here it is in all of it's Kinescope Beauty. Even has the delightful Skippy Peanut Butter commercials intact! When you view something like this, It's like looking thru a time machine. I will restore and put this out on DVD somewhere down the road.

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Ken Mitchroney said...

Wow, I had no idea he had done any t.v. work. Sadly,like Al Lewis, he was still stuck in that Dracula outfit.