Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Paramount Swan Song for the Brothers

It is truly hard to believe that the Marx Brothers were booted from Paramount after having starred in what is now considered an all time classic. DUCK SOUP (1933) has all of the trimmings of a great comedy. NO romantic sub-plot to interfere with the laughs. NO annoying co-stars that ad nothing to the story. And a hilarious supporting cast of character actors that enhance the film like icing on the comedic cake. Who can forget Edger Kennedy having a lemonade/peanut confrontation with Harpo & Chico?. How about the Groucho/Harpo Mirror scene!?

This was also the last time that Zeppo would appear.....not a real loss. This is the great lobby card title card style B.

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Ken Mitchroney said...

Another great one John. Thanks. If movie posters looked this good i might even think about going to the movies more.