Friday, January 23, 2009

Drac is Back!

By the 70's, the Hammer Dynasty was falling on hard times. The box office on their cadre of creeps was dwindling. The answer to this dilemma was simple. Place their most popular vampire in modern times! That would most certainly appeal to the most wanted Teen audience.
Regardless of what Hammer's intentions, we were all happy to see the return of our favorite vampire killer, Peter
Cushing, Van Helsing. Now Christopher Lee had his co-star back, and would rise (from the dead) to the occasion. After an impressive pre-title scene with Van Helsing and Dracula locked in mortal combat, we then shift to modern London circa 1972. A place overrun with the hippie-like middle aged teens. One teen in particular made a tasty morsel for the Count. Lovely Caroline Munro. This film is definitely the worst of the 7 Dracula features. But, has it's moments. And the poster sure is cool.

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