Saturday, January 3, 2009


Most 3 Stooges Fans have this utter hatred towards Joe Besser. Joe came in to the Stooges at a very difficult time. Shemp Howard, beloved brother of Moe had unexpectedly died. Shemp had replaced the ailing Curly Howard, the most popular of the three funnymen. Moe had known of Joe and was happy that he agreed to join the team. Most fans feel that Joe's sissy character that he had created years before joining the team didn't quite "Fit in" with the already established style set forth by Moe & Larry. I disagree and am very thankful that we have 16 additional shorts to watch. In fact, OILS WELL THAT ENDS WELL'57 is one of my all time favorite in the 198 series of films. Now a personal story that should shed some light as to why Joe left the boys in 1959. Joe was married to a woman who was just more then slightly protective of her husband's well being. Ernie Besser made it clear that she did not like the violent slapstick that Moe doled out to his partners. She insisted that Joe quit the team in order to avoid personal injury! And timid Joe, in order to save face, made up a story that his wife was ill and needed his full time care. When my friend Mark Lyons and myself visited Joe and Ernie back in the 80's right after the Stooges had received their much deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Joe related this story to us both. Ernie was in the other room. Joe explained his leaving the Stooges story to us and then lowered his head and said very seriously, "She cost me Millions!". I will dig up the Joe visit pics taken on that occasion and share them with you in the future. In closing, take heed wife's of talented men. Let their talents blossom and do not be dream killers!
Here is the poster to a film compilation of Moe, Larry & Besser shorts that was released to theatres right before the Stooges became mega-populer thanks to t.v. Enjoy.

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Jeff Adcock said...

You know me, John, I'm right there with you on Joe Besser. I look forward to the photos from your visit. Good advice for wives of talented men, too, dang it!