Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Wonderful "Wonders" of Ann Margret

O.k., does anyone else remember the James Bond parody film series, Matt Helm? Dean Martin as the suave Secret agent that globe trotted to fight evil villains while using the "cover" of a World Renowned Fashion Photog? I sure do. As a kid growing up, I marveled at the bodacious babes in that series. Stella Stevens, Cyd Charisse, Daliah Lavi and even Sharon Tate! But without a doubt, the most memorable babe was the young daughter of a kidnapped scientist played by Ann Margret! Here are two pics that demonstrate why. If you get the chance, catch MURDERER'S ROW (1966).


Ken Mitchroney said...

Ann Margaret?! I'm guilty too.

Jeff Adcock said...

I request equal time for Tina Louise!