Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Francis changes Buddies

Donald 'O Connor starred opposite a Talking Mule in 6 (Yes, 6!) very successful series o comedies. When Mr. O'Connor got tired of seeing the Mule get more fan mail then he did, he called it quits.
To the rescue (?!) came Mickey Rooney as the new owner pal of Francis. Gone was the actor who supplied the voice of Francis Chill Wills. In his place, came voice master Paul Frees. Who did a very good job of approximating the original voice. Un-fortunately, the audiences of the time did not like the changes and this was the last of the classic series made.


Karswell said...

Would love to find a copy of this film, haven't seen it since I was a kid... it seems to be stuck in red tape studio limbo or something.

Oscar Devonian said...

Oh lord, how is it that a poster for a comedy comes across as creepier as any horror film poster I've seen?